Dr Yoon-Jung Kang

Research fellow
E: yoonjung.kang@nswcc.org.au


Dr Yoon-Jung Kang’s current research focuses on a hereditary cancer predisposition syndrome ‘Lynch syndrome (LS)’, including the evaluation of benefits, harms and cost-effectiveness of various testing and risk management strategies for LS and the cost-effectiveness evaluation of implementation strategies to increase LS testing and referral practices in the health system. She completed a PhD in Epidemiology and has broad research experience in cancer epidemiology and model-based evaluation of cancer screening and health services. Dr Kang has contributed to a number of cost-effectiveness evaluations of cervical cancer and lung cancer screening and is currently an active member of a melanoma modelling working group in collaboration with the University of Sydney to evaluate benefits, harms, cost-effectiveness and resource implications of a national risk-stratified melanoma screening program in Australia.


Doctor of Philosophy, School of Public Health, The University of Sydney

Master of Public Health (Honours), School of Public Health, The University of Sydney


Canfell K, Ward R, Frayling I, Kang YJ, Caruana M, Coupe V. (2015-2017). Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of systematic screening for Lynch Syndrome (LS) in Australia. NHMRC APP1080246.

Academic affiliations

Honorary Research Fellow, The University of Sydney

Current student supervision

Yoon is available to supervise postgraduate students enrolled at The University of Sydney.

Selected key publications

Kang YJ, Killen J, Caruana M, Simms K, Taylor N, Frayling I, Snowsill T, Huxley N, Coupe V, Hughes S, Freeman V, Boussioutas A, Trainer A, Ward R, Mitchell G, Macrae F, Canfell K. The predicted impact and cost-effectiveness of systematic testing of people with incident colorectal cancer for Lynch syndrome. Med J Aust. 2020;212(2):72-81.

Morrow A, Hogden E, Kang YJ, Steinberg J, Canfell K, Solomon M, Kench JG, Gill AJ, Shaw T, Pachter N, Parkinson B, Wolfenden L, Mitchell G, Macrae F, Tucker K, Taylor N. Comparing theory and non-theory based implementation approaches to improving referral practices in cancer genetics: a cluster randomised trial protocol. Trials. 2019 Jun 20;20(1):373.

Wade S, Weber M, Caruana M, Kang YJ, Marshall H, Manswer R, Vinod S, Rankin N, Fong K and Canfell K. Estimating the cost-effectiveness of lung cancer screening with low dose computed tomography for high risk smokers in Australia. J Thorac Oncol. 2018 Aug;13(8):1094-1105

Kang YJ, Smith M, Canfell K. Anal cancer in high-income countries: Increasing burden of disease. PLoS One. 2018;13(10):e0205105.

Kang YJ, Smith M, Barlow E, Coffey K, Hacker N, Canfell K. Vulvar cancer in high-income countries: increasing burden of disease. Int J Cancer. 2017 Dec 1;141(11):2174-2186

Lew JB, Simms K, Smith MA, Hall M, Kang YJ, Xu XM, Caruana M, Velentzis LS, Bessel T, Saville M, Hammond I, Canfell K. Primary HPV testing versus cytology-based cervical screening in women in Australia vaccinated for HPV and unvaccinated: effectiveness and economic assessment for the National Cervical Screening Program. Lancet Public Health. 2017 Feb;2(2):e96-e10