Dr Peter Sarich

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
E: peter.sarich@nswcc.org.au


Dr Peter Sarich is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with a research interest in the relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer. He completed his PhD at the University of Sydney School of Public Health in 2018. His projects have investigated the relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer risk, alcohol consumption and cause-specific mortality risk, and the methodology of epidemiological studies of alcohol consumption. Peter also contributes to tobacco and lung cancer projects as part of the lung research group within the Cancer Research Division.


  • PhD, The University of Sydney
  • Master of Public Health, The University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons), The University of Sydney

Academic affiliations

Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Sydney

Selected key publications

Sarich P, Canfell K, Banks E, Paige E, Egger S, Joshy G, Korda R, & Weber M (2019). A prospective study of health conditions related to alcohol consumption cessation among 97,852 drinkers aged 45 and over in Australia. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 43(4), 710-721.

Sarich P (2018). Alcohol Consumption and Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Australia: A Prospective Cohort Analysis of the New South Wales 45 and Up Study. The University of Sydney.

Sarich PEA, Ding D, Sitas F & Weber MF (2015). Co-occurrence of chronic disease lifestyle risk factors in middle-aged and older immigrants: A cross-sectional analysis of 264,102 Australians. Preventive Medicine, 81, 209-215.

More publications by Dr Peter Sarich: https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=vIOYpMQAAAAJ&hl=en