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Cancer Council NSW researchers have found that over one third of long-term Australian prostate cancer survivors need more supportive care than they are getting.

Research has indicated that the HPV vaccine could have further-reaching benefits than preventing HPV and cervical cancer.

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Over 62 million deaths could be averted if HPV vaccination, cervical screening and access to cancer treatment services can be rapidly scaled by worldwide.

Cancer Council NSW researchers have investigated if testing bowel cancer cases is a cost-effective way of revealing undiagnosed Australians with Lynch syndrome.

Research shows 100,000 lung cancer deaths could be avoided this century if smoking rates are reduced to 10% by 2025.

Research has revealed that most food ads kids see on public transport are for junk food, despite growing rates of childhood obesity.

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A world-first study has revealed that tobacco companies use Twitter to positively shape their public image.

African women

Our researchers have investigated the potential for cervical cancer to be eliminated as a public health problem globally.

Researchers have found the incidence of bowel cancer has increased in Australians under the age of 50 but screening people 50-74 is still the best approach.

Research at Cancer Council NSW has shown that Australia’s lung cancer mortality rates are in decline.

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