Research Type: Extramural

Dr Beatriz Perez San Juan’s research is focussed on developing new targeted treatments for triple negative breast cancer that overcome the challenge of chemotherapy failure.

Professor Holst and Dr Centenera’s teams aim to develop a new drug treatment strategy to overcome resistance to hormone therapy in prostate cancer.

Associate Professor Thomas Cox and his team have identified a molecule in the lung tissue matrix called ‘Collagen IV’, which helps to control the behaviour of lung cancer cells.

Professor Murray Norris and his team will study RUNX1T1, building a detailed understanding of its role in maintaining normal function of embryonic stem cells, to develop a new way to treat childhood cancers.

Using high resolution molecular profiling technology, Associate Professor Gallego Ortega and his team have been studying MDSCs – trying to understand how they work, so they can develop treatments that block these cells.

In this project, Professor Lock and his team will investigate lncRNAs specifically in childhood AML.

Associate Professor Marina Pajic and her team have identified a molecular pathway that controls communication between pancreatic cancer cells and stromal cells.

Dr Seong Beom Ahn and team’s research aims to change CRC patient clinical management, by being able to provide certainty, clinicians will make better-informed treatment decisions.

Dr Klaartje Somers from Children’s Cancer Institute and Dr Deborah Meyran from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, along with their teams, are investigating ways to overcome the challenges of treating solid tumours with CAR T-cell immunotherapy