Research Type: Extramural

A/Professor Croucher and his team are investigating new treatment options for triple-negative breast cancers that have spread.

Dr Wang will investigate and detail how leukaemic stem cells are able to survive and renew.

A/Professor Ziegler will test if a new drug combination can switch off the overactive molecular pathway and halt cancer progression in the most aggressive childhood brain tumours.

A/Prof Swarbrick and his team will study multiple solid cancers that have a range of responses to immunotherapy. The team will identify which types of stromal cells block immune responses to cancer and how they do this.

A/Professor Wang and her team will develop a test to monitor treatment response and watch for the early signs of treatment failure.

Dr Blancafort and her team will develop a test to detect a gene prolific in aggressive forms of breast cancer and identify new treatment targets.

Prof Price is investigating how new imaging technology could be used to enhance radiotherapy effectiveness in solid cancers. 

A/Prof Griffin will conduct pre-clinical tests of a much needed new combination treatment for patients with advanced pancreatic and bowel cancers.

Dr Cheung’s project will be the first to identify and investigate the risk factors for the development of some childhood cancers.

This research will pave the way for the development of a less invasive and personalised diagnostic tests to detect cancer relapse in children with ALL.