Scott Walsberger

Scott Walsberger

As Manager of Tobacco Control, Scott leads a passionate team who work to reduce the burden of tobacco on the people of NSW. The team works across three priority areas in tobacco control: smoking and disadvantage, smoke-free environments and tobacco retailing. Cancer Council NSW’s Tackling Tobacco Program partners with social and community service organizations to address the disproportionate share of tobacco related harm that disadvantaged populations bear. The Tobacco Control team also generate and collate evidence to inform policy development and advocacy campaigns to increase smoke-free environments and to improve regulation of the availability of tobacco products in the retail environment. Scott also contributes to Cancer Council Australia’s advocacy on tobacco control and serves on the NSW Tobacco Strategy Steering Group.

Scott has worked in health promotion, mainly cancer prevention and early detection, for the past nine years. Before joining Cancer Council NSW in 2012 he worked for the NSW Government where he developed and implemented strategies, including public education campaigns, on skin cancer prevention and early detection of breast and cervical cancer. He also led the development of the NSW Skin Cancer Prevention Strategy 2012-2017.

Scott has a Bachelor of Arts (Economics and Management and International Relations) from Beloit College in the USA and a Master of Public Health from the University of NSW.

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