Professor Dianne O'Connell

Professor Dianne O'Connell

Professor Dianne O'Connell heads up the Health Services Research Program of the Cancer Research Division. This program conducts research studies examining current and optimum diagnostic and treatment pathways, short and long term effects of treatment options, practitioner adherence to treatment guidelines, patient use and understanding of screening options and other research on the NSW health care system.

See Dianne's CV and publications here.

Dianne is a chief investigator on the Aboriginal Patterns of Cancer Care Study (APOCC), the Pathways to Diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer Study, the Pancreatic Cancer Patterns of Care Study, the Cancer, Lifestyle and Evaluation of Risk Study (CLEAR), the InterSCOPE Study, the Men's Health Study, the Impact of Stigma and Nihilism in Patients with Lung Cancer Study, the Longer Term Survival and Concordance with the Treatment Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Study as well as numerous others.

Follow Dianne and the research team on Twitter @ccnswresearch

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