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My world stopped the moment I was diagnosed with cancer.

But for all the grief which came with it, this pause also gave me time to appreciate all the beauty that existed in my world, that I’d been too busy to notice.

I made a promise to myself that for the rest of my life, no matter how much of it was left, I would do my best to savour the small moments of wonder.

Six years on, I am now teaching my son to do the same. To look for magic in the everyday and celebrate life and all its complexities”.Elle Halliwell, Journalist, Author and Cancer Council Ambassador

Protecting life’s moments, for life.

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Cancer Council, it’s such a good organisation. There’s so much support they give for people going through this cancer journey.Wayne, living with prostate cancer and Community Ambassador

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If you need to talk about cancer, call Cancer Council on 13 11 20.

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We are grateful to the Dry July Foundation for supporting Cancer Council for many years through the Dry July campaign. Since 2019, funds raised through Dry July have gone towards funding our vital 13 11 20 telephone support service where our specialists provide confidential cancer information to more than 37,000 callers across Australia each year. Without support from partners like the Dry July Foundation and our community, we couldn’t run vital services, such as 13 11 20, for people impacted by cancer and their loved ones. Find out more about Dry July.

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