Coping with cancer

Cancer Council NSW can help you cope with cancer, we provide information & support online, in person and via phone.

13 11 20 Cancer Information and Support

Call us on 13 11 20 | Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.
Outside of these hours leave a message and one of our specialist health professionals will contact you on the next business day.    

A Translator service is available for languages other than English. Call: 13 14 50.

13 11 20 Information and Support is a confidential service where you can speak to a qualified health professional about anything to do with cancer, including:

  • Support if you or someone you care about has cancer
  • How to cope with treatment and its side effects
  • Assistance with legal, financial and transport to treatment
  • Counselling
  • End of life care
  • Information about services, resources or support groups

See the full range of services available

Cancer Council Information Service

Information and support are located within hospitals and treatment centres around NSW.
Find out more and locate an information service near you

One to one support

Talk to someone who has experienced cancer

Talking one to one over the phone with someone who has had a similar cancer experience can be helpful, reassuring and encouraging. Cancer Connect has trained volunteers who have been there, they can listen with unique understanding and share their experience to provide practical information and emotional support.

Talk to a professional counsellor

When cancer impacts on your life, often there are unexpected emotional effects. Sometimes talking with family or friends isn’t enough.  Our professional counsellors understand the many changes that can occur such as relationship issues, anxiety, grief or fear. They will help you explore these feelings and create strategies so that you are better able to cope.
To organise counselling sessions call 13 11 20 Information and Support | Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and one of our specialist health professionals will contact you on the next business day. 

Support groups for patients & carers

Telephone support groups

Perhaps you are too unwell or your illness limits your ability to travel, in which case the Telephone Support Group program is a way to get support from home. Groups available include: Brain, Pancreatic, Advanced Cancers, Metastatic Breast Cancers, Myeloma & Carers. Plus for people who are bereaved following the death of a loved one, we run a Life After Loss Group.

Face to face support groups

If you are seeking information and support from others in a similar situation, a support group can provide you a safe place to come together and share experiences with others.
To find a support group in your area – call 13 11 20.

Setting up and leading a support group

See how we assist cancer support groups and support group leaders.
Get our fact sheet What we know about cancer support groups

Online community support

Cancer Council Online Community is a moderated peer-support community for anyone affected by cancer. It is a supportive place to share stories, connect with others; to give and receive support from others just like you.

Transport, accommodation and home help

Practical support services during and after treatment
These include transport to treatment, affordable patient and carer accommodation near treatment centres and help with household tasks from trained volunteers.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities

Community specific information and services for LGBTI people affected by cancer. 
Webinars about “Cancer: It’s out of the closet” and Anal Cancer in gay and bisexual men.  Video resource:‘Queer Peers’.
Find lesbian, gay and bisexual cancer support groups.