Caring for someone with cancer

Cancer Council recognises that carers play a vital and demanding role, which can be stressful and result in feelings of anxiety. We offer support online, over the phone and in person.

Call 13 11 20 for more information.

Some of our services for carers include:

Information and support services

13 11 20 information and support service

Health care professionals who provide information and support over the phone for carers, family and friends.

Cancer Council online community

An online community where carers, family and friends can give and receive online support. Available 24/7.

Telephone support groups for carers 

Connect with other carers via phone based support groups from the comfort of your own home.

Face to face support groups 

Share your experiences with people who are facing similar challenges.


Cancer Council Information Service 

This service provides information and social support in hospitals.


Practical support services

Transport, accommodation and home help 

This service helps carers and people affected by cancer to get to and from treatment when they don’t have access to their own transport. We also assist with access to accommodation services and home help for people experiencing financial hardship.

Home Help 

This service provides financial assistance to help with housework and gardening services.


ENRICH – Nutrition and Exercise program 

This program supports survivors and their carers to exercise and eat well after cancer treatment.


Legal and financial support services 

This service can help you cope with some of the legal and financial challenges you may face as a carer.

Information resources for carers


A series of online webinars to help carers better understand survivorship issues.

Cancer information

You can also visit our information section to learn more about topics such as: