Series: Finding Calm During Cancer

A practice designed to help your mind slow down to allow you to get to sleep or stay asleep.

Introducing the Relaxation podcast. Dr Lisbeth Lane explains what relaxation is and how it encourages deep breathing and restfulness. Listen now.

A longer exercise that builds on the “Awareness of breathing” exercise.

Introducing the Meditation podcast. Dr Lisbeth Lane explains what meditation is and how it helps improve coping and quality of life.

A short exercise for times when you feel you just can’t stop thinking about something troubling.

In the Finding Calm During Cancer podcast, join psychologist Dr Lisbeth Lane as she guides you through a series of meditation and relaxation practices.

This is a series of short exercises you can do anywhere.

An exercise to bring attention to every part of your body by mentally scanning from head to toe.

A general exercise that uses the breath to bring your attention to the present moment.

A gentle practice to learn how to take slow full breaths from the abdomen.