Series: The Thing About Advanced Cancer

How can you make sense of your life after a diagnosis of advanced cancer? Where do you find hope and purpose? Julie McCrossin talks with palliative care specialist Dr Megan Best about sources of strength when things are really tough.

What hope do new cancer treatments offer? And how do you decide when it’s time to stop treating the cancer and focus on quality of life? Julie McCrossin talks with medical oncologist and cancer researcher Dr Craig Gedye about choosing the best treatments for advanced cancer.

What exactly is advanced cancer? And what does a diagnosis mean for you and your family? Julie McCrossin talks with medical oncologist Dr Craig Gedye about how to cope with the challenges of living with advanced cancer.

NEW EPISODE: If you’re caring for someone in their last months, you need to look after yourself, but how exactly do you do that? Julie McCrossin discusses practical self-care strategies with Professor Liz Lobb.

NEW EPISODE: Caring for someone with advanced cancer can affect your relationships with family and friends and sometimes leads to conflict. Julie McCrossin chats with clinical psychologist Cath Adams about navigating this tricky territory.

Does everyone with advanced cancer experience pain? And what can be done about it? Julie McCrossin talks with Professor Melanie Lovell about how medicines and other methods can help manage pain caused by advanced cancer.

What can you do if advanced cancer causes you to become breathless? Julie McCrossin talks with Prof Jane Phillips about ways to cope with breathlessness, from medical procedures to handheld fans and mindfulness.

If you know you have only months or weeks to live, how do you make the most of whatever time is left? Julie McCrossin talks with palliative care specialist Dr Megan Best about facing end of life and answering the big questions.

If you’re living with advanced cancer, how do you keep yourself as physically and emotionally well as you can and maximise your quality of life? Dr Judith Lacey joins Julie McCrossin to talk about how a holistic approach can help.

NEW EPISODE: How can bereaved carers come to terms with their loss? Julie McCrossin talks with bereavement counsellor Nathan MacArthur about the experience of grief.