Chinese webinars about cancer

Watch our free online webinars (seminars) for the Chinese community on how people affected by cancer can stay healthy and navigating Australia’s cancer care system. Each webinar is presented by a panel of expert speakers in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

觀看我們為華人社區提供的免費在線網絡研討會(研討會), 了解癌症患者如何保持健康了解澳大利亞的癌症護理系統。每個網絡研討會均由普通話和粵語專家組成的小組主持。

Improving your health 改善您的健康素質



Do you understand the role of traditional Chinese medicine and diet during your cancer treatment and care? In the webinar above (in Cantonese and Mandarin) we discuss the integration of Eastern and Western medicine (and potential negative effects) as well as how to access emotional support for you and your family members.


Navigating the health care system after a cancer diagnosis 建立信心



In this webinar in Cantonese and Mandarin, a panel of experts and people affected by cancer discuss how to talk with your GP and specialist, navigating the Australian cancer care system, the difference between public and private health care in Australia, how to find reliable cancer information, and more.

在此粵語/普通話網絡研討會中,專家小組和受癌症影響的人討論如何與您的全科醫生和專科醫生交談,了解澳大利亞癌症護理系統,澳大利亞公共和私人醫療保健之間的區別,如何找到可靠的癌症 信息等.

The automatic captions in these webinars are machine generated, so they may not be accurate.