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Research shows that exercise can help you both during and after cancer treatment. Watch the videos below to learn more about the exercises that can help you and how to do them.

These videos are designed specifically for people who are currently having cancer treatment.

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Strength and resistance training



Muscle groups: Stomach and side (core)

Pelvic tilt

Muscle groups: Stomach and side (core)


Muscle groups: Stomach and side (core)

Upper body

Standing push-up

Muscle group: Chest and shoulders

Modified knee push-up

Muscle group: Chest, shoulders and arms

Standing row

Muscle group: Shoulders, back, and back of upper arms

Shoulder press

Muscle group: Shoulders

Upright row

Muscle group: Shoulders and upper back

Biceps curl

Muscle group: Front of upper arms


Calf raise

Muscle group: Calves (back of lower leg)

Chair rise

Muscle group: Front of thighs and buttocks

Wall squat

Muscle group: Front of thighs and buttocks

Flexibility exercises

Shoulder stretch

Muscle group: Shoulders


Triceps stretch

Muscle group: Back of arms

Pectoral and biceps stretch

Muscle group: Chest, forearm and upper arms

Quadriceps stretch

Muscle group: Front of thighs

Calf stretch

Muscle group: Calves (back of lower leg)

Hamstrings stretch

Muscle group: Back of thighs (hamstrings)

Balance exercises

One-leg balance

Muscle groups: Legs, stomach, side and back

Before taking part in any exercise program, either during or after treatment, it’s important to talk to your oncologist or general practitioner (GP) about any precautions you should take. You can also read these exercise recommendations so you can adapt your exercise program to suit your type and stage of cancer.

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