Let’s Talk! We’re launching a new state-wide speaker program

2 March 2020 | Cancer Council NSW

Do you want to learn about how you can reduce your cancer risk? How about what we do at Cancer Council? Or the research we conduct and fund? Perhaps you want to hear from someone who has had their own cancer experience and what it was like for them?

Today (2 March 2020), we are launching a brand-new program here at Cancer Council called Cancer Council Talks.

At Cancer Council, we love working closely with our community – so talking to you is really important to us. We’re inviting you – whether it’s your school, community group, workplace, or fundraising event – to book a free talk and hear from our trained speakers about a variety of topics related to cancer.

You can request a talk topic that most interests you. The talks could be about:

  • A community ambassador’s personal cancer story
  • Cancer prevention (this could include nutrition, skin cancer prevention or tobacco control)
  • Cancer research
  • Cancer information and support services
  • Fundraising (which Cancer Council fundraisers are in your local area, how you can fundraise for us and how your funds help)
  • Who we are and what we do at Cancer Council

To learn more or book a Cancer Council Talk, visit cancercouncil.com.au/get-involved/cancer-council-talks/

Cancer Council Talks