Healthy Living after Cancer – tips for the Festive season

24 December 2015 | Annie Miller
Healthy Living After Cancer_christmas

Keeping to your exercise and diet routine can be hard over Christmas. Here are some tips to help you stay focused on your Healthy Living After Cancer goals.

1. Eat before heading out

It’s easy to over-indulge on finger food or party treats. Before heading out have a healthy snack or meal so that you won’t feel hungry, be tempted to eat a lot, or over indulge.  

2. Drink in moderation and put a water wedgy between beverages

Alcohol, fizzy soft drinks, and juices are packed with extra calories. You can still enjoy a ‘festive’ beverage, but try diluting wine and spirits with ice or mineral water, ask for light beers and intersperse a glass of water between drinks. Always have something to eat before you drink to slow the absorption of alcohol in your system.

3. Keep up your exercise routine

Keep your fitness routine and goals going. If you can’t do that, simply walk more – park your car some distance away from the shops or use the stairs.

4. Get out of the house

Make the holidays a family affair. Plan outdoor activities where everyone is involved. Cricket games in the backyard, walks with friends, walk the dog, or go for a swim – keep active while being social.

5. Keep strong

Keep your strength training going this is to maintain your muscle mass. Make sure any extra calories you consume get turned into muscle not fat.

6. Set realistic goals and be kind to yourself

Set realistic goals – if your goal is to walk five days a week for 30 minutes and you only manage three, be happy that you have done something. Remember doing something is better than doing nothing – be kind to yourself.

7. Keep hydrated

It is summer, drink lots of water. This can prevent you from over eating.

8. Eat less and more often

Distribute your meals evenly throughout the day, and don’t eat everything at once. Eat slowly and enjoy your meals.

9. Prioritise your health

Keep up all your goals, move more, eat in moderation, and stay focused on your vision for a healthier you!

10. Enjoy yourself

Most important of all, keep happy, enjoy the holiday season, rest and relax! Remember to enjoy the treats that you really love, but in moderation.