Four ways we are engaging with LGBTQI communities

1 March 2019 | Cancer Council NSW

Mid-February to early March is a fabulous time of year in Sydney. The sun is out, the water is warm, and the beaches are pumping. It is also the time when tens of thousands of people come from all over the world, rainbow flags in hand, to celebrate the Sydney Mardi Gras and the local LGBTQI communities.

Cancer Council NSW recognises that anyone impacted by cancer in the LGBTQI communities may have unique needs when it comes to information and support. That’s why we are committed to providing inclusive programs to ensure we can help all Australians in their cancer journey.

Here are four ways we are supporting the LGBTQI communities at Cancer Council NSW:

Peer support

All our current programs across Peer Support engage with people from LGBTQI communities. Many members of the LGBTQI communities will identify themselves when accessing our peer support programs and all our peer support staff are trained to work with the unique issues facing LGBTQI people affected by cancer. This is consistent across all other programs of Cancer Information and Support: including our 13 11 20 Information and Support, Practical and Survivorship teams.

Mardi Gras Fair Day

Look out for our stand at next year’s Mardi Gras Fair Day! Each year we work with our colleagues at Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia to join in Fair Day, using it as an opportunity to strengthen our connection with the communities. We are using the conversations we’ve had at this year’s Fair Day to further enhance our services and ensure our programs remain relevant.

‘Out With Cancer’ Research

Cancer Council NSW has partnered with Western Sydney University on a project led by Professor Jane Ussher to deliver a research study ‘Out With Cancer’. The research is aimed at understanding the experiences and concerns of cancer survivors and their carers within LGBTQI communities. The expected outcome is the development of community informed support material for LGBTQI people affected by cancer. 

Check out our custom landing page

We are also proud of our LGBTQI landing page on the Cancer Council NSW website. The page is a great avenue for individuals from the communities to read up on all our LGBTQI-focused cancer information resources, check out stories from LGBTQI peers and approach Cancer Council for support.

Here at Cancer Council NSW we are committed to giving every Australian easy access to support and information wherever they are and whatever their situation. Anyone in the LGBTQI communities looking for information or support on their cancer journey, please call 13 11 20 to speak with our trained health professional staff.