Understanding Cancer of Unknown Primary information and support videos

Being diagnosed or having a loved one diagnosed with Cancer of Unknown Primary (sometimes referred to as CUP) can be quite overwhelming.  You have likely been told that you or your loved one has cancer, that it is has spread from a site other than where it has been found, and that the primary cancer site cannot be located despite appropriate medical investigation.

Cancer Council NSW has developed a set of video modules to provide accurate information about how CUP is diagnosed and treated, as well as to provide emotional support for people affected by CUP.  Remember, only some of these video modules might be relevant to you or your loved one right at this moment, so we suggest you watch the modules you think are most relevant to your situation now, and come back to this site again when you are ready to view the other modules.

Module 1. Introduction to CUP

Module 2. Diagnosing CUP

Module 3. Treating CUP

Module 4. Caring and Support for people affected by CUP

For more information about CUP or to access Cancer Council support services call 13 11 20 and speak with one of our fully qualified Cancer Council health professionals.

The Understanding Cancer of Unknown Primary videos were developed as part of the Cancer of Unknown Primary Multimedia Support Network project which was jointly funded by Cancer Australia and Cancer Council NSW.