Report on transport issues in NSW – No Transport No Treatment

Transport to health services is vital. Put simply, patients cannot be treated if they cannot attend their appointments. Community transport offers non-emergency transport to people who are unable to travel by car or public transport, with a strong focus on providing services for older people and people with disability. However, health-related transport is increasingly using a greater proportion of the community transport budget.

Community transport groups supply approximately 680,000 health-related trips per year in NSW. Many providers cannot meet the rising demand and are routinely forced to refuse requests for transport to health treatment with some services closing their books on requests because they do not have the resources to meet demand. It has been estimated that 90,000 people per year are currently refused health-related trips on community transport due to lack of capacity. Demand for these services will only increase as the population ages. This issue affects people living in cities and regional centres as well as those living in the country. Community transport providers in metropolitan areas report that they refuse on average one in six health related requests for travel due to limited resources.

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