How we help cancer support groups

Cancer Council NSW is committed to ensuring that patients have access to high quality, community-based support groups.

Cancer Support Group Leader Program

We assist new and existing groups in many ways.

New Groups

We will help you:

  • start your own group, if there isn’t a group nearby – contact Sally Carveth on (02) 9334 1846
  • identify the type of group that will best suit your interests and the needs of your local area
  • give practical advice on how to start up and promote a support group
  • link you with local health professionals and a Cancer Council regional office
  • sending you information about starting a group, including Cancer Support Groups – A guide to setting up and maintaining a group and Cancer Support Group Leader Training Workshops
  • The Fact Sheet: What we know about cancer support groups

Existing Groups

Cancer Council NSW supports existing support groups by:

  • promoting groups through 13 11 20 Cancer Information and Support 
  • providing Cancer Support Group Leader Training Workshops for group leaders
  • providing information about cancer treatments and related issues
  • providing support through the nearest Cancer Council regional office
  • helping groups to apply for funding through councils, state and federal government and private organisations
  • providing occasional group telephone supervision for support group leaders
  • offering public liability insurance for support groups who meet in party premises (to enquire contact Sally Carveth Assistant Coordinator on (02) 9334 1846 or