Report on car parking at treatment centres in NSW

Parking is a problem for many people attending hospital. However it poses an extra challenge for cancer patients who are having treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Typically treatment lasts five days per week for six to eight weeks and it often results in side effects, such as exhaustion and nausea. A Cancer Council NSW report, released in 2012, found that difficulty with car parking for cancer patients at treatment centres was a big problem. They told us that the high cost of parking, difficulty finding a parking spot, and long distances to walk cause unnecessary stress and financial hardship at an already difficult time.

There is no consistency in car parking policies in hospitals across the state, and information about costs and eligibility is often confusing. Some treatment centres provide free, designated parking spaces close to the treatment centre, so it is possible. Where the current infrastructure doesn’t allow for that other solutions are needed, such as free spaces in the public car park with a shuttle bus.

Cancer Council calls on all Local Health Districts to develop a car parking policy that ensures easy access for cancer patients to designated free spaces for the duration of their treatment.

Report: Car Parking for cancer patients in New South Wales – June 2012
Briefing Paper: Car Parking at Treatment Centres