Who we are.

How you’ve made a difference in 2019/20

“You can be jumping from feeling quite emotional with somebody to then putting on the happy face — ‘hi, how are you?’ — and I love it and I love that it makes a difference. ”
– Susanne Rowlands, Cancer Council NSW Store Manager

Workforce composition

Across 2019/2020, our workforce averaged 82.3% volunteers and 17.7% employees (not including casuals).

total registered volunteers
across the financial year
Volunteers1,715 Employees369

Who we are by gender

  • Female
  • Male
Our Board56%F 44%M
Executive62%F 37%M
Employees80%F 20%M
Volunteers62%F 38%M

Our people

In what’s been a challenging year for many, our commitment to be an Inspirational Place to Volunteer and Work has remained strong. Over the past year, the delivery of key initiatives has contributed to our employee retention efforts, and we’ve seen our employee voluntary turnover halve in the last five years.

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