Eat It To Beat It

Over the last year, Cancer Council NSW has experienced a significant decline in fundraising income, particularly in bequests, which is an issue being faced across the charity sector. Given the tough financial environment, we’ve had to make some necessary changes to ensure the long-term sustainability of our organisation. This has impacted some programs and roles across our head and regional offices, but we’re confident that these changes will allow us to continue to serve our communities effectively.

As part of these changes, we have made the difficult decision to cease investment in the Eat It To Beat It program, which will end on Friday 29 June, 2018. Despite volunteer support, the program does require workforce involvement which unfortunately is not sustainable in the current environment. We are grateful to everyone who has been involved with Eat It To Beat It over the years and we acknowledge their/your huge contribution in helping families across NSW make healthier food choices. Since its inception in 2008, the program has educated more than 69,500 parents on packing healthy lunch boxes and including more fruit and vegetables in the family diet, as well as reaching over 1 million people through our social media platforms.

Nutrition remains a key priority for us, as we know healthy eating is important to reduce cancer risk. We will continue to support parents and children through our existing Healthy Lunch Box website and the Nutrition and diet section of our website. We are also committed to advocating for policy change to create an environment that helps families to make healthy food choices. We look forward to working with the community to achieve these changes.

  • Nutrition and diet

    Nutrition and diet

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  • Healthy Lunch Box website

    Healthy Lunch Box website

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    Recipes for healthy family meals

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