Research grant management

The Research Grants Management Team (RGMT) administers Cancer Council NSW’s investment in research via a competitive grant program and also supports the research efforts of Cancer Council researchers by:

  • Ensuring all reporting requirements are met
  • Facilitating invoice payments
  • Liaising with administering institutions on variations
  • Establishing research contracts and agreements
  • Coordinating the Ethics Committee and processes for ethical review of research
  • Supporting research governance through the Cancer Research Committee.



Already Funded?

Congratulations on being awarded funding from Cancer Council NSW. The Researcher Pack provides details about managing your grant, key dates in the funding year, how we can support you and help disseminate your results, the importance of continued consumer involvement, and media tips for sharing your research findings. This is essential reading for all currently funded researchers and should be read in addition to your Funding Agreement.
Researcher Pack 

Chief Investigators should copy in (cc) their research grants office in all email communications with Cancer Council.

Research Agreements

Acceptance of an offer of research funding involves a number of steps, including: Chief Investigator A , the Administering Institution, and Cancer Council NSW formally signing a contract. Invoicing cannot occur until the research funding agreement has been signed by all parties.


The grant must be used only for direct research costs and may not be used to cover any indirect or overhead costs.

Under expenditure may result in future payments being deferred.

The funding awarded is a fixed amount. Any expenditure or costs incurred in relation to the grant in excess of the amounts approved, including but not limited to salary increases, must be met by the Administering Institution.

Research Integrity and Ethics

Research funded by Cancer Council must be conducted in accordance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Chief Investigator A is responsible for ensuring all relevant research ethics approvals are obtained prior to research commencing.


Grant recipients are required to submit an annual report on the progress, outcomes and income and expenditure of the project until completion of the grant. Reports are due 28 February.


If there is any change in Chief Investigators (additions, removal, change of institution) or request to transfer grant to another administering institution, Chief Investigator A, via their research grants office, must notify Cancer Council in writing within 28 days of becoming aware of the variation. Requests to transfer grants may be considered.

Acknowledging Cancer Council NSW

Please clearly acknowledge our funding and use Cancer Council NSW logo, when presenting your research, on publications, posters and online.
Note: ‘Cancer Council’ does not use the article ‘the’.


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All logos must be only used in accordance with Cancer Council guidelines. 

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