You hold the cards to reducing your cancer risk


1 in 3 cases of cancer can be prevented.1

Lifestyle choices and cancer

44,000 cancer cases diagnosed in Australia each year can be prevented by modifying our lifestyle choices.

That’s more than one third of all cancers. Cancer kills twice as many people as any other single preventable cause of death. The good news is, we can do something about it.

A recent independent study1 showed that the vast majority of preventable cancers are caused by some common, avoidable risk factors. Each of us can significantly reduce our cancer risk by not smoking, avoiding harmful UV radiation, maintaining a healthy weight, moderating alcohol consumption, cutting down on red and processed meat, eating more fruit and vegetables and being physically active.

Is it time for you to take some simple steps to help reduce your risk of cancer?

Lifestyle choices that can affect your cancer risk

1. Wilson et al. How many cancer cases and deaths are potentially preventable? Estimates for Australia in 2013. International Journal of Cancer. 2018;142(4):691-701.