Tag: life after cancer

We explore the complexities of significant life changes and managing every day when it feels like nobody understands.

We explore the impact that cancer diagnosis, its treatment and post cancer life can have on men.

We provide practical strategies you can adopt to help prevent your cancer from coming back.

This webinar discusses some practical strategies to help cancer survivors to reclaim their confidence after treatment.

We discuss some tactics you can implement to help manage the fears of cancer coming back after treatment.

Cancer and its treatment may cause fertility problems. We discuss what your options are following active treatment.

We discuss incontinence, the strategies you can put into place, and who to talk to for support.

Three cancer survivors share what they needed from their family, friends and colleagues after their cancer treatment.

We discuss the issue of surviving cancer and feeling guilty, and how you can talk about your feelings.

We discuss ‘wellness’ and provide information and strategies of things you can do to work towards feeling well.