Further information

Professional associations

These organisations provide reliable information about massage.    They are  professional associations representing massage therapists. Contact them to find a professional, qualified massage therapist in your area. Cancer Council does not endorse any specific professional association and recommends you use your own judgment when making enquiries.

Association of Massage Therapists
Ph: (02) 9517 9925, www.amt.org.au

Australian Association of Massage Therapists
Ph: 1300 138 872, www.aamt.com.au

Australian Natural Therapists Association
Ph: 1800 817 577, www.anta.com.au

Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
Ph: (02) 9809 6800, www.atms.com.au

Further reading

The Cancer Council library has resources about complementary therapies, including massage. Some suggested items are:

  • Understanding Complementary Therapies. Cancer Council NSW, 2008.
  • Medicine Hands: massage therapy for people with cancer by Gayle MacDonald. Findhorn Press, 2007.
  • PDQ Integrative Oncology: complementary therapies in cancer care by Barrie Cassileth. BC Decker. 2005.
  • Movement, Massage and Meditation (video).  Cancer Council Victoria, 1997.
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