Workplace giving

Workplace Giving is a simple, tax-effective way for employees to support Cancer Council NSW in the fight against cancer by making small, regular donations from pre-tax income through their employer’s payroll system.

Workplace Giving provides real benefits to employers, employees and cancer research:

  • Employers enjoy a low-cost way to enhance their corporate reputation in the community and build a sense of pride in employees by supporting a cause many people care deeply about.
  • Employees receive an automatic tax deduction and don’t have to retain receipts until tax time.
  • Charities get low-cost, regular funds, enabling us to plan ahead and make long-term commitments to research.

Workplace Giving joins employers and employees together to make a real difference in our mission to defeat cancer.

How Workplace Giving works

Employees nominate an amount to be automatically deducted from their income each pay period. This amount is taken from the pay before tax is calculated which reduces the employee’s taxable income. Because there is no tax payable on the amount the employee forgoes, the benefit to the charity is maximised.

Donating with pre-tax income makes every dollar count even more. Employer matched donations are also tax-deductible.

Consider how a donation of just $1 per day (less than half the cost of a coffee) can make a huge difference to The Cancer Council.

If you donate:     It will cost you approximately: Cancer Council NSW receives:
 $10  $6.75  $10
 $20  $13.50  $20
 $30  $20.25  $30
 $40  $33.75  $40

The above figures are a guide only, based on an annual salary between $37,001,- $80,000 and the marginal tax rate, so may vary slightly depending on actual salary and tax rates.

Why Cancer Council NSW

Cancer Council is the only organisation in Australia which covers every aspect of every cancer. Each year, we invest more than $14 million to support cancer research. We are an independent and forward-thinking community of people; where ideas and charity come together in the fight against all cancers.

It’s easy to participate! We keep our administration to a minimum. We also provide regular updates on where your donations are going.

Make it happen

For further information or to discuss setting up a Workplace Giving program, we can help. Contact us on 1300 780 113 or email

More information for employees. (PDF)

More information for employers. (PDF)