Book of Hope


What is the Book of Hope?

Honour a loved one with a dedicated page in Cancer Council’s Book of Hope.  Tell their story in words and pictures,  someone who lost the battle with cancer or perhaps someone who has beaten cancer to go on to a new life.

Each page contains a moving and inspiring story about a special person written by a loved one.

We invite you to view the Book of Hope during business hours in the foyer of Cancer Council NSW at 153 Dowling Street, Woolloomooloo, Sydney NSW 2011 alternatively see the list below and click on a name  to read them online.

How can I honour a loved one with a page in the Book of Hope?

A minimum donation of $500 entitles you to dedicate a page in the Book of Hope.  Your donation will give cancer patients and their families the possibility of better treatments, support and we hope one day, a cure.

How to design your page

There are many ways to present your dedication page: a photo, a poem, a quote, or an anecdote that honours the life of this special person, be as creative as you like.  The required size is a full A4 sheet.

If you have any questions about your dedication, please contact us on
(02) 9334 1479 or email

Pages from the Book of Hope

The list is sorted in alphabetical order by surname.

   A – E F – M N – Z

Alcock, Alan
Anderson, Judee
Andrews, Toula
Azzopardi, Regional
Bell, Brian
Bishop, Malcolm
Boyd, Carole Fay
Buch,  Ellen
Bush, Betty
Carmody, Kristine May
Chahoud, Dalal
Chinn, Belinda
Churchill, Clive Anthony
Clancy, Peter Cerretti
Craig, Shirley Carmen
Coco, Carmela
Coles, Ken
Coligado, Soci
Crehan, Tracey
Dalsaso, Viktor
Darby, Joan Winifred
Davey, Victor Charles
Deobhankar, David Alan
Duckett, Laurence
Dukes, Morna
Dunn, Alice
Dutton, Brian Hugh
Dybell, Vera
Egarchos, Dionysios

Flak, Cheryl Colleen
Glass, Dawn Christine
Gremmo, Elaine
Gudgeon, Jan
Haddad, Anis
Hall, David James
Hallett, Marion
Halloway, Donald Henry
Hannah, Vic
Heffernan, Maureen
Holt, Julie Josephine
Hood, Andrew James
Henrietta Vujeva
Hood, Maureen C
Hooper, William (Bill)
Hughes, Alice Fay
Jurd, Warren Trevor
King, Kate (Catherine)
Kensey, Heather    Keshany, Maria Starena
Lees, Sharon
Lim, Roland
Livolsi, Salvatore
Lombardo, Rocco
Luschwitz, Katie
MacGregor, Donald John
Mansell, Mandy Elizabeth
Martin, Jim
McCudden, Eric James
McLean, Allan Lindsay
McMaster, Susan
Megahid, Geraldine
Metcalfe, Paul John
Moffitt, Yuletta
Mouawad, Assad
Muscat, Philippa

Neilson, Janice Vera
Nimier, Gai Arthur
Newton, Frank William
Oram, Edward Antony
O’Brien, Dr Frank
O’Sullivan, Sis Julia
Pacitti, Henri
Petherick, Margaret Jean
Roberts, Anne
Robinson, Annie
Rogers, Stephen Charles
Rooney, John
Ross, Gladys Joyce
Rumore Dr
Rutherford, Derrick
Sayle, Lorraine May
Slater, Alan
Taylor, Helen
Thomas, Vincent
Turner, Darren
Vercoe, Mal
Walmsley, Margaret Jane
Watkins, Pauline Muriel
Webb, Valerie
Wever, Margaret Anne
White, Mabel Kathleen
Yardley, Terence Robert