Ann’s story

“Cancer Council NSW has always  been there with their nice bright daffodils – they were my first port of call when I was told the terrible news”

Ann's story  

When Ann was first diagnosed with cancer she felt at a loss, but it didn’t take long for her to turn to Cancer Council NSW. All the way through her diagnosis and her treatment, Ann was able to feel reassured by the support and information she received for herself and her family from Cancer Council NSW.

“I used the counselling service when I started to get every side effect known to man. To be able to speak to someone and know what was to be expected and that it would pass, was very important and kept me going.”

Throughout Ann’s treatment and remission, she learnt more and more about Cancer Council NSW – from the wide range of support that we offer today, to the research we undertake for the future. Ann has hope for a future where her children and grandchildren can live without cancer. That hope is one of her motivations for leaving a gift to Cancer Council NSW in her will.

“I was considering the future – what was important and what I wanted. I arrived at the decision to leave a bequest. It’s not the largest bequest Cancer Council NSW will ever get but it is the biggest one I can give them. It doesn’t detract from what the children will get and I feel in my heart that it will be doing a lot of good.

I recommend it to everyone – it gives you a warm feeling inside, too, to know your money is going somewhere good.”

I want to encourage you, just like Ann did, to talk to the Cancer Council NSW about leaving a gift in your will and living on in the fight against cancer.

Get in touch with the friendly team at Cancer Council NSW to talk about your bequest today.