What type of gift can I leave?

We are very grateful when people decide to include a bequest to Cancer Council NSW. Bequests are vital to our fund raising income, making up approximately 25%, and we appreciate every gift.

Assets that you may consider leaving to Cancer Council NSW

  • Residual

    Cater for loved ones exactly as you wish & give Cancer Council NSW the most possible help

  • Percentage

    Allows your gift to maximise as your estate matures

  • Specify an exact amount from your estate

  • Assets

    Any items that you own – property, cars, shares, jewellery

  • Special Arrangements

    If you have a complicated estate or wish to specify, other than general purpose, how your gift is used please contact us.

  • Family

    After loved ones are provided for consider how a residuary gift or a percentage of your estate could help fund future Cancer Council initiatives.

  • Couple

    Consider what assets or % of your estate could be invested in research or support programs after your partner is financially secure.

  • Single

    Are there items that you wish to specify to loved ones? Could you consider splitting your estate among your most trusted charities?

There are different ways to leave a bequest in your will

After loved ones are provided for consider how a residuary gift or a percentage of your estate could help fund future Cancer Council initiatives.

After your family, friends and other beneficiaries have been taken care of you can leave a residuary gift or the remainder of your estate to Cancer Council NSW. Most of our supporters find this a wonderful way to ensure your loved ones are catered for exactly as you would wish and Cancer Council NSW gets the most help possible.

Alternatively, you may wish to leave a percentage of your estate to Cancer Council NSW, or leave a fixed gift, which could be in the form of cash or other property, such as shares. Be aware that inflation or other changes in your circumstances may change the overall value of a percentage gift or fixed bequest.

You can decide whether you want to specify how your gift is used, or simply trust us to put your gift to its very best use.

Many of our supporters have been touched by cancer themselves, and so you may wish your estate to be invested in an area of personal interest, or in tribute to a loved one who may have been lost to cancer.

However, the work of Cancer Council is vast and varied and we often have to respond to changes in knowledge, practice or treatments. Therefore, the more flexibility we have to invest your gift in the best way possible, the better our chances are of beating cancer in our children’s lifetime. While specific gifts may require additional administration they can make a great difference our research and support programs.

Most of our supporters have chosen to include a gift for “general purposes” but to allow us to honour your wishes effectively; we would ask you give us a call for a confidential chat.

Anica's Story

Anica was a full-time mum, volunteer teacher and loving grandma. Now, her bequest is helping the Cancer Council support thousands of women just like her.

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