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If you have left a gift in your will to Cancer Council NSW, please do let me know. Getting in touch will help our team to plan research investment for a future where we are stronger than cancer.

Professor Karen Canfell, Cancer Research Division

We ask that you consider contacting us to let us know of your intended gift. Your notification helps us by:

  • Providing assurance of future investment into cancer research and support programs
  • Allows us to personalise all communication with you and focus on the programs that interest you
  • Provide you with information regarding annual financial outcomes, research break through and new research program initiatives
  • Invite you to events for face to face updates with researchers

When you leave a bequest to the Cancer Council you are giving a very special gift; hope for a world free from cancer.

I want to notify Cancer Council NSW of my gift

Thank you for including a gift to Cancer Council in your will.

With your support, together with our dedicated team of researchers, we can make a difference.

When you get in touch, we will invite you to the Daffodil Circle and make sure you continue to get the recognition and information fitting of you generous choice. 

Welcome to the Daffodil Circle

By making a bequest you’re also joining a very special group of people, we like to call it the Daffodil Circle.

The Daffodil Circle is a way for us to connect with you, update you on how bequest funds are being put to use, and thank you for your contribution.

I'd like to invite you to join a very special group called The Daffodil Circle.

- John Wood

I can still remember the dreadful chill that spread over me when my wife Leslie came and said ‘It’s cancer’. A routine mammogram found an irregularity. At first we weren’t too worried. She’d had unusual lumps before. Then we got the result of the biopsy – an 18mm tumour in a milk duct, quite advanced. I felt like I’d been shot. Within a week Leslie was in hospital having the lump removed. It was utterly chilling and changed the way I see the world. Thankfully, Leslie is fine at the moment but I’m sure you’ll understand from this story why I am especially honoured to be an Ambassador for Cancer Council NSW. And why I’d like to invite you to join a very special group called the Daffodil Circle. It’s a group of people who have generously decided to help beat cancer by including a gift in their will. It will make a difference. Whatever you decide to do, please make sure you have a will and that you provide for those you love.

Thank you,

John Wood

Actor and Ambassador for Cancer Council NSW

As a member of the Daffodil Circle you will receive:

  • Exclusive invitations to talks and seminars with some of the country’s leading experts on cancer.
  • Information on how and where your bequests may be invested.
  • Regular updates on the work we are doing and the progress being made both through events with Cancer Council team members, and via email.
  • Direct access to our helpful team to answer your questions along the way.

Whether you attend the events, chose not to receive the extras, or change your will in the future, the Daffodil Circle is a our way of saying thank you.

Contact the Bequests Team

We’re here to help with any questions you have on the very personal decision to leave a gift

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