Type: Childhood cancer

Professor Murray Norris and his team will study RUNX1T1, building a detailed understanding of its role in maintaining normal function of embryonic stem cells, to develop a new way to treat childhood cancers.

In this project, Professor Lock and his team will investigate lncRNAs specifically in childhood AML.

Dr Klaartje Somers from Children’s Cancer Institute and Dr Deborah Meyran from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, along with their teams, are investigating ways to overcome the challenges of treating solid tumours with CAR T-cell immunotherapy

Professor Kavallaris and her team aim to dramatically reduce duration of tumour testing programs, with direct benefits to patients from more rapid adoption of recommended treatments.

A/Professor Ziegler will test if a new drug combination can switch off the overactive molecular pathway and halt cancer progression in the most aggressive childhood brain tumours.

Dr Cheung’s project will be the first to identify and investigate the risk factors for the development of some childhood cancers.

This research will pave the way for the development of a less invasive and personalised diagnostic tests to detect cancer relapse in children with ALL.