Topic: Living with cancer and cancer side effects

Dr Cheung’s project will be the first to identify and investigate the risk factors for the development of some childhood cancers.

Alongside a clinical trial of ribociclib for prostate cancer, Professor Butler and her team will identify biomarkers that can be used to identify which patients this new drug is likely to benefit.

Cancer Council NSW researchers have found that over one third of long-term Australian prostate cancer survivors need more supportive care than they are getting.

A man looks contemplatively at his reflection in a window

This study found that a prostate cancer diagnosis puts Australian men at much higher risk of suicide compared to the general male population.

Dr Lionel Hebbard and his team conducted a long-range study that aimed to quantify the exact impact of metabolic drivers, particularly obesity, on liver cancer prognosis and progression in patients.

This research aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the estimated one million people living with and beyond cancer, as cancer survival rates continue to increase.

A/Prof Claire Wakefield is testing interventions that provide support and improve long term outcomes to childhood cancer survivors and their families.