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The Daffodil Centre, a joint venture of Cancer Council NSW and the University of Sydney has welcomed a recommendation to government from the independent Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) supporting the implementation of a targeted national lung cancer screening program. Director of the Daffodil Centre, Professor Karen Canfell, said MSAC’s advice to government included recommending […]

Our Pro Bono Program is for those affected by cancer and cannot afford to pay for professional advice.  

Lung cancer is one of Australia’s biggest killers, with the highest mortality rate of any cancer in the country and a low five-year survival rate. This is partly because lung cancer is often not detected until it’s too late for treatment to be effective. However, if caught early, most types of lung cancer are treatable […]

With funding from Cancer Council NSW, researchers have discovered an underlying cause for treatment resistance in lung cancer. The team, led by Professor Neil Watkins at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, has also discovered a naturally occurring hormone which could be used to reverse this treatment resistance and improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy. We […]

“Did you smoke?” This is probably the most common question that lung cancer patients and survivors are faced with after their diagnosis. And it’s an issue: the stigma attached to a lung cancer diagnosis results in physical, psychological and societal harm that doesn’t get addressed frequently enough. Today, I’m speaking at the Australian Lung Cancer […]

We know that smoking is the primary factor that puts people at risk for lung cancer: 80 per cent of lung cancers are in people who were smokers. We also know that early diagnosis of lung cancer is difficult, as the symptoms can often be vague and non-specific, and so the majority of cases are […]

Growing up in the American Midwest, my Christmas memories are of frigid winter air, white snow-covered hills, an abundance of food, and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins crammed inside. If we were at Uncle Buck’s house it would be filled with cigarette smoke as well. Christmas 1988 was quite memorable. I opened one of […]