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Photograph of cancer survivor Ann Blannin Ferguson

When Ann was first diagnosed with cancer she felt at a loss, so she turned to Cancer Council NSW for help.

Catherine with husband Les smiling

Catherine’s story shows the power of standing up for something you believe in and creating community around you. 

grandparents looking at amending their will to leave a gift to charity

This Include a Charity Week, we want to help answer questions related to including a charitable bequest in your will.

Raymond Hutchinson

After his late friend Raymond left a gift in his will to Cancer Council, John was inspired to continue his legacy.

Middle aged man and woman posing in front of a scenic background.

After being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at just 24, Michelle Bowen’s life changed.

Warwick is now carrying on his beloved dad’s legacy, in the hope that one day, no one will have to face cancer like his dad did.

Money. Family. Relationships. Career, Cancer… Why are we here? And what do you want to be remembered for? There are so many things we don’t discuss in everyday conversation. But, at 79, Marjorie Pettigrew doesn’t get shy anymore. She’s had cancer twice herself, nursed two children through their own cancers and lost two siblings to […]

Photograph of Rosemarie-Hawke and her husband.

Rosemarie Hawke credits her brain cancer diagnosis on changing her outlook on life and motivating her to help others.

At 23, Matthew-Paul’s life was changed when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Now he’s an advocate for research.

Greg hopes by leaving a gift in his will, others can be spared the painful impact of cancer.