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Unhealthy food marketing is pervasive . Find out what the NSW community thinks the government should do to help.

Asian mother holding broccoli against little girl's face.

New research shows the community supports policies on food labelling and food marketing to children.

Assortment of different food labels

Cancer Council has been at the forefront of developing a national food labelling system.

Supermarket shopping

If you find food labels confusing, read our helpful guide to understanding them.

I’m browsing the supermarket aisles in search of healthy cereals, snacks, yoghurts and anything else I can think of to feed the family. Alongside a trolley laden with fresh fruit, veg and lean meats that is! Weighing up how to get the best bang for buck, I’ve got the price per unit thing down pat. […]

Health Star Ratings. What do they mean?

With Australians facing rising rates of obesity and diet-related chronic diseases like heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes and some cancers, it’s never been more important for Australian shoppers to have food labels that help them to quickly and easily identify healthier choices. Marketing claims on the front of packages usually don’t tell the full story. […]

The Health Star Rating system is used on packaged, manufactured or processed foods but is voluntary at this stage and relies on food industry co-operation to adopt it.