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Lily first heard of Cancer Council NSW during her cancer treatment. At a regular check-up she was referred to our ENRICHing Survivorship Program at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, which helps people recovering from cancer to maintain good health, nutrition, exercise and wellbeing. Now, over two years later, we’re proud to announce that Lily has recently […]

Last week, the fourth national (and the largest so far) Cancer Survivorship Conference took place in Sydney, Australia. Speakers and guests explored the theme of “Future of Cancer Survivorship: Evolution or Revolution?”, covering topics such as: Cost of cancer – at an individual and societal level Cardio-toxicity of cancer treatment and cardiovascular disease after cancer […]

Before Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 she considered herself fairly fit and healthy. An early childhood teacher and self-confessed workaholic, the breast cancer diagnosis threw her life into turmoil and her exercise regime went out the door. ENRICH, an exercise and nutrition program recommended by her oncologist, helped Angela get her life […]