Tag: coping with cancer

We look at ways you can manage your fatigue and get your energy back after cancer treatment.

We look at how you can manage your daily routine so that you can live well with advanced cancer.

We explore strategies to help you manage social relationships, particularly in the lead up to the festive season.

We discuss some practical strategies to help improve your sleep.

We discuss how you can manage the financial impact of cancer.

We discuss the pros and cons of having a breast reconstruction and when the best time for you to do this might be.

Cancer and its treatment may cause fertility problems. We discuss what your options are following active treatment.

We discuss cancer related fatigue and explore why some people recover quickly while others do not.

There are now many ways to treat pain and we discuss what you can do to work towards dealing with chronic pain.

We share tips on how you can minimise the long-term side effects of cancer treatment.