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Elle Halliwell and Prof Karen Canfell

All good stories start with a human connection. This is why we often ask our incredible community to share their personal experiences to encourage others to support our work. But sharing your story is just the beginning – we want you to get as much as possible out of your time as a Cancer Council […]

Five members of my family have gone through cancer, so I know how hard it can be and how much people need help. I joined Cancer Council NSW to help families through one of the hardest times of their lives. You probably won’t read to the end of this article. With smartphones and streaming, our […]

The Understanding Cancer booklets are our most widely read cancer information resources. Spanning a huge range of cancer topics, the 50 booklets in the series can be found in hospitals and treatment centres across the country. They can also be requested via our 13 11 20 Cancer Information and Support Service, at regional Cancer Council […]