The ‘Join a Research Study’ database

The ‘Join a Research Study’ database maintains information about people who have consented to be contacted by researchers conducting ethically approved studies for the purposes of cancer research. The database is managed by the Cancer Research Division at Cancer Council NSW, and has ethics approval from Cancer Council NSW Human Research Ethics Committee.

We are no longer recruiting for the ‘Join a Research Study’ database, however the existing database is available for researchers to use.
FAQs for participants

The database of approximately 2,500 participants is not representative of the population, but comprises people, mostly from NSW, who are familiar with Cancer Council and who are willing to assist research where it is suitable for them to do so. The people on the database are not necessarily cancer patients. They have completed a basic demographic questionnaire and have supplied some health information including medication, individual and family cancer diagnosis.

Some appropriate uses of this database include focus groups, pilot studies or psycho-social research. Current studies using ‘Join a Research Study’ participants are listed here.

FAQs for researchers

What is the purpose of the database?
• How did participants join the database?
• What type of information was collected?
• How do I access the database?
• Do I need ethics approval?
• How long does it take to gain access?
• How much does it cost?

FAQs for participants

Studies using participants from the ‘Join a Research Study’ database.

Privacy statement

Contact us:

To apply for access to participants or for further information please email or 02 9334 1802.

Please note there is a small cost recovery charge for access to the ‘Join a Research Study’ data.