Wendy Watson

Wendy Watson

Wendy Watson is the Senior Nutrition Project Officer for Cancer Council NSW, working to promote healthy lifestyles and creating an environment that supports and encourages Australians to make healthy choices to reduce their cancer risk.

Wendy and her team of dietitians and nutritionists are responsible for the organisation’s cancer prevention projects relating to obesity, nutrition, physical activity and alcohol. These include the Healthy Lunchbox website promoting healthy eating, as well as strategic research and advocacy into food labelling and food marketing to children.

Wendy also contributes to Cancer Council Australia’s advocacy on nutrition, food labelling and food policy. She has published on food labelling and food marketing to children.

Wendy has a degree in Chemistry and a Masters of Applied Science in Nutrition. She worked for five years supporting schools to implement the NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy before joining Cancer Council NSW in 2010.

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