Professor Robert Thomas

Professor Robert Thomas

Professor Robert Thomas is a Consultant Oncologist at the Primrose Oncology Unit, Bedford and Addenbrooke’s, Hospitals in the UK specialising in Breast, Skin, Colorectal and Prostate cancer. He is professor of Biological and Exercise Science at Coventry University and Senior Clinical Tutor Cambridge University. He is author of the book “Lifestyle after Cancer” and editor of the lifestyle and cancer website

Although still embracing mainstream oncology research, he has an academic interest in the evaluation of nutritional, lifestyle and self help strategies after cancer. He has designed, conducted and published numerous UK randomised controlled trials including the worlds largest evaluation of a polyphenol rich nutritional supplement in men with prostate cancer (Pomi-T study).

He was an author for the evidence review for the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative and designed the UK’s first government approved qualification in cancer rehabilitation. In 2007, he was awarded The British Oncology Association’s “Oncologist of the Year”.

As well as being chair of the exercise expert advisory committee and media spokesperson for Macmillan and advisor for a number of Channel 5 documentaries, he is editor of the Monthly Lifestyle and Cancer news series and author of an active weekly blog both of which can accessed via his website:

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