Pauline Shilkin

Pauline Shilkin

Pauline is a mother, wellness coach, social worker, motivational speaker and a two-time breast cancer survivor.

Pauline was first diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in 1997 when she was just 33. She had a lumpectomy, node clearance and the standard six weeks of radiotherapy. She settled back into life with her 2 small children and got on with it. In 2012 Pauline was again diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in the same breast. This time she opted for a bilateral mastectomy and then had 6 rounds of chemotherapy. At the time of her diagnosis Pauline was the Manager of the Young Adult Cancer Survivorship Program at Cancer Council NSW. Prior to that she had worked as a Community Network Coordinator also at Cancer Council NSW.

Being fortunate to work at Cancer Council, Pauline was supported in taking time off work to deal with the challenges this second diagnosis presented. Getting on with life was a little more difficult this time round.

Four years on and Pauline is well, happy. She volunteers with new mums, women re-entering the workforce and coaching people transitioning from one career to the next.

Webinars presented by Pauline: Anxiety and Depression after cancer treatment "How do I cope with these unexpected feelings?"