Associate Professor David Smith

Associate Professor David Smith

David is a Research Fellow and cancer epidemiologist at the Cancer Council NSW. He has a particular focus on prostate cancer, prostate cancer testing and prostate cancer outcomes in Australia.

David works in the Health Services Research Program of the Cancer Research Division.

He is chief investigator and project manager of the NSW Prostate Cancer Care and Outcomes Study (PCOS). This longitudinal study involving 2500 men examined quality of life after prostate cancer diagnosis along with PSA testing, coping styles, supportive care needs and the economics of prostate cancer management. In 2011 he obtained a National Health and Medical Research Council Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship to study the causes of death in men with prostate cancer. He is also currently chief investigator on two NHMRC project grants, one Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Grant and one partnership grant. A/Prof Smith has an adjuct position with Griffith University in QLD. See David's CV and publications here. Read more about the PCOS Study here.

David Smith can comment on: issues to do with prostate cancer research and treatment issues, particularly the side effects of treatment, men and cancer.

Follow David and the research team on Twitter @ccnswresearch

Webinars presented by Associate Professor David: Men's Research Update "What is the latest research telling us about men's experience of cancer?"