Alka Bisen

Alka Bisen

Alka Bisen is the Program Manager for Financial Assistance Services at Cancer Council NSW. She has been working with Cancer Council NSW for the past 8 years and currently oversees the Statewide financial assistance program and no interest loans for cancer patients in financial hardship.

Alka worked in cancer care for 18 years in a not for profit organisation in India. During this time she worked across many different areas of cancer care and support. Just a few of the projects she worked on included setting up a cancer insurance scheme, cancer prevention and education in schools and corporations and clinical haematology screening work.

Alka is an accredited financial counsellor and is a member of the Financial Counselling Association of NSW. Over the last 3 years she has provided financial counselling in treatment centres around Sydney, to people affected by cancer and their carers.

Alka has a Bachelor of Science (Microbiology ) and a Post Graduate Diploma in haematology techniques.