Message from our Director of Cancer Research

Adjunct Professor Karen Canfell Director, Cancer Research DivisionCancer Council is proud of our footprint in cancer research. Every day, our researchers are focussed on finding ways to reduce the impact of cancer.

Over the last 10 years, we have invested $148 million
in world-class cancer research conducted right here in
New South Wales, across a large number of institutions.

The community plays a pivotal role in selecting which projects we fund. Before we invest in a new research project, it is reviewed by both scientific experts and our panel of cancer survivors and carers, who help make sure we fund research that is of most benefit to the cancer community, while meeting the highest scientific standards.

At Cancer Council NSW, we support the best ideas and the best people in cancer research by funding external research teams. We provide significant funding to cancer research in institutions across the state who are making significant breakthroughs in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Progress on several of the exciting externally-funded projects are detailed in this report.

We work hard to maximise the impact and value of our research. Our internal team’s program is called Pathways to a Cancer Free Future – the work aims to identify where we can have the greatest impact on reducing the burden of cancer. Some of the recent findings from our bowel, prostate, cervical and lung cancer teams are also summarised throughout this report.

And it is thanks to generous support from the community that we’re able to fund ground-breaking research, like the projects showcased in this Research Highlights Report.

Adjunct Professor Karen Canfell
Director, Cancer Research Division