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Simple Swaps for a Healthy Christmas Menu

7th December 2016

Cancer Council’s new cookbook offers healthy alternatives to favourite dishes this festive season.

Cancer Council NSW is offering easy, delicious healthy alternatives to the traditional Christmas feast this festive season, with the launch of its new Festive Cookbook.

The Christmas season has traditionally been seen as a time to over-indulge, however the end of year celebrations don’t have to be this way.

Making a few healthy swaps to the traditional Christmas menu can still bring the Christmas cheer to all while making the festive period that little bit healthier.

Following simple, wholesome recipes can add a healthy flair to the festive menu and is just what Aussies can expect this Christmas with Cancer Council NSW’s first ever Festive Cookbook.

“It’s easy to get carried away with the array of sugary and fatty foods around us this time of year. However preparing some healthier versions of traditional holiday meals is easier than you think,” said Cancer Council NSW Nutrition Program Manager, Wendy Watson.

“Following some of our Cancer Council recipes this Christmas will ensure your holiday eats are nutritious but just as delicious,” she continued.

Ms Watson says the Festive Cookbook is full of tips and tricks to ensure you don’t fall behind when it comes to eating healthy while enjoying the holidays.

The cookbook recommends to:

  • Include fruit and vegetables: Aim for 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit everyday by loading up your plate with delicious salads and sides.
  • Practice portion control: Opt for small servings of red meat and avoid the fatty cuts.
  • Limit alcohol: Limit alcohol consumption to no more than 2 standard drinks per day. Why not consider a fruit frappe or soda water infused with fresh lemon and lime as a refreshing alternative to alcoholic drinks?

The Festive Cookbook contains over 30 recipes offering all the Christmas favourites, including roast dinners, seafood platters, summer salads and of course a Christmas pudding for dessert.

The cookbook is available for free download at

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