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New data uncovers why people aren’t eating enough fruit and veg

6th February 2020 - Cancer prevention

Cancer Council NSW’s Healthy Lunch Box website simplifies healthy eating

New Cancer Council NSW data has shed light on why people in NSW say they aren’t eating enough fruit and veg, and reasons include being too lazy and too busy. In light of this, the charity is helping to simplify healthy eating with their Healthy Lunch Box website (

Nina Tan, Cancer Council NSW’s Senior Nutrition Project Officer, says, ‘We know that, in NSW, less than 6% of people are eating enough vegetables each day and only 41% are eating enough fruit, so we want to make it as easy as possible for people to up their fruit and veg consumption.”

The study found that a fifth of people say they’re too lazy to eat more fruit, 20% don’t eat more vegetables out of habit, 27% don’t eat more fruit out of habit, and 10% said they are too busy to prepare fruit and veg. The data also showed an increase in the number of people who say they are too busy to eat enough fruit and vegetables compared with the last survey in 2016.

“We know that one in three cases of cancer can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating well, being active and maintaining a healthy weight. But often people associate eating healthily with spending hours in the kitchen or supermarket. The Healthy Lunch Box website makes healthy eating simple, quick and fun, and the recipes are affordable,” Ms Tan says.

The website was created for parents and children, but nutrition experts at Cancer Council NSW have seen many other adults taking to the site for inspiration. “What we love about the site is that each recipe has been created with a consideration for time, cost, simplicity and of course, health; something that everyone can benefit from,” Ms Tan continues.

Evidence shows that being overweight or obese is the cause for 5,300 cancer cases in Australia each year. Inadequate fruit, vegetable and fibre intake and high intake of red and processed meat is linked to 6,700 cancer cases.

“Our Healthy Lunch Box website includes recipes, tips and ideas on how to prepare healthy food for the whole family. Healthy Lunch Box recipes are packed full of fruit, vegetables and wholegrains which can help reduce cancer risk,” Ms Tan concludes.

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About The Healthy Lunch Box

  • Cancer Council NSW’s Healthy Lunch Box website is an interactive tool for parents to use with their children to plan and pack a healthy lunch box.
  • The website is a one-stop-shop and shows how easy it can be to add more fruit and veg and pack a healthy lunch box that kids will love to eat.
  • Just in time for the new school year, the Healthy Lunch Box website also offers tips and tricks on saving time, food safety, getting the kids involved, practical packing and how to add variety to school lunches.
  • Visit and pack a quick and easy healthy lunch box today.

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