Volunteers and workplace safety

Cancer Council NSW events and worker safety

Cancer Council NSW events are the subject of Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations applying in NSW and Australia in so far as:

  • An event location is a Cancer Council NSW ‘workplace’, as are the places for committee meetings
  • Cancer Council NSW volunteers are included in the definition of ‘worker’
  • Cancer Council NSW is the ‘Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking’ (PCBU).
  • Cancer Council NSW executive managers and company directors are ‘Officers’
  • Regional staff, committee members and volunteers are not ‘PCBUs’, nor are they ‘Officers’.

Cancer Council NSW employees, Committee members and volunteers, must:

  • take reasonable care for their own safety, and
  • ensure they do not adversely affect the health and safety of participants, visitors and other people, and
  • comply with any reasonable instruction and cooperate with the Cancer Council’s work, health and safety policy and procedures.

Manual handling procedures should be adopted to prevent injuries when lifting boxes of event goods, marquees, equipment, merchandise and monies.

  • Practice good lifting techniques to avoid back strain and pain –

                         B end your knees, not your back

                         A bdominals should be tight and braced, and should be …

                         C lose to the load

                         K eep your spine straight

  • Always assess the weight and size of an item before lifting, and don’t hesitate to ask someone to help you.
  • If possible use a trolley to move boxes and other equipment.
  • If you are taking a bag of heavy coins to the bank, carry these in a sturdy backpack.
  • Ensure you wear appropriate clothing and closed footwear when setting up and packing down sites and working in the warehouse on Level 1 at Woolloomooloo or at warehouses in the regions.

Assign a staff member to monitor compliance at events eg when setting up Relay campsites.

There will be updates made to this page at regular intervals, so make sure you look in for further information about volunteers’ safety at Cancer Council NSW.

To learn more about your rights and responsibilities at Cancer Council NSW, visit here.