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July 2017


Visiting cancer patients and their families now have a house in Orange to stay for treatment

Rare cancer sufferers win new drug subsidy

How garbage food became normal

Cancer Council survey reveals big gap in what experts and the public think is healthy

Coconut oil has more ‘bad’ fat than beef and butter


June 2017


SBS: Bowel cancer screening rates still too low

Armidale Express: The Cancer Council’s I Care For Palliative Care campaign deserves support

Sydney Morning Herald: We need to reduce the retail availability of tobacco in NSW

Northern Daily Leader: Cancer Council cracks down on ciggie supplies Cancer-catching algorithm being developed


May 2017


Love and cancer at 28 years of age

Mudgee Guardian: Palliative care petition passes 10,000 signatures

The Sydney Morning Herald: Sydney’s growing divide: rich get fitter as the poor get fatter

ABC Radio National: Life Matters: Combating prostate cancer’s side effects with exercise

ABC Central West: Palliative care discussions begin to address gaps in regional NSW services


April 2017


Illawarra Mercury: Wollongong clubs’ push to reduce men’s cancer risk

ABC: Cancer database to increase patient survival rates, speed up diagnosis, researchers say

Sydney Morning Herald: Reducing Australian obesity to prevent future chronic disease burden

Inverell Times: Cancer Council push improvements to NSW palliative care services

That’s Life: Aussie woman walks 100km in memory of twin sister

Gabbie’s Year 12 dealing with cancer

The Daily Telegraph: Cancer gains a master stroke

Newcastle Herald: Researchers have got on the ‘nerves’


March 2017


ABC: The unspoken illness: Cancer in Aboriginal communities

Australian Financial Review: New thinking on advanced prostate cancer

Daily Telegraph: Fat chance of cancer

SBS: The pill protects women from cancer: study

Dear Every Patient I Ever Took Care Of

Articles by Doctor Ranjana Srivastava, cancer specialist


Some healthy eating tips to help beat cancer:

The power of plant-based diets

Nutritional value of the paleo diet

Sugar tax would prolong lives?

Tax unhealthy foods?

The Mediterranean diet and reducing one form of breast cancer

10 commandments of the real Mediterranean diet


December 2016


Sydney Morning Herald: Huge variations found in what food manufacturers say is a serving size: research

The Australian: Days are numbered for secondary cancers

Woman’s Day: Generation Next: Aussie kids influenced by misleading junk food ads

Manly Daily: Swim Centre teams up with Cancer Council NSW to remind teens to reapply sunscreen

ABC News: Cancer study: Immunotherapy before surgery could dramatically improve cancer survival rates

The Sydney Morning Herald: World-first clinical trial of cannabis for chemotherapy patients kicks off in NSW

Sydney Morning Herald: Ten things to eat instead of ham and bacon – and why it matters

Sydney Morning Herald: Prostate cancer tumours ‘shocked’ to death by testosterone flood: scientists

Sun-Herald: Four things that could kill you in summer


November 2016


52 years old and a non-smoker, diagnosed with lung cancer

Sustaining hope while treating cancer patients is the challenge

Private health insurance and treatment for cancer

Ovarian cancer symptoms every woman needs to know (and not be panicked by)

Margaret declares “cancer has to live with me”

Palliative care – ‘Dying in the comfort of your own home’

Palliative care – expansion call as demand increases


October 2016


Is an adult ever too young to get cancer?

Max Walker’s legacy – healthier blokes.

Weekly exercise may offset the effects of alcohol.

Does Vitamin E improve the appearance of scars?

Patients will soon be able to rate their doctor online.

One in three adults may be obese by 2025.

Max Walker died of blood, not skin, cancer.

A UK survey of the Mediterranean diet with Australian relevance

Mediterranean diet may help avoid recurrence of breast cancer

‘Precision medicine’ to beat cancer.


August/September 2016


What is cancer?

Carcinogenic foods you probably eat every day

Life in the long shadow of cancer: Warren’s story

Life in the long shadow of cancer: Margaret’s story

Life in the long shadow of cancer: Ula’s story

Do you need to use sun protection in Winter?

Hospital crises show the gap between how doctors and patients perceive events, by Dr Ranjana Srivastava

Decoding health research

More exercise needed for positive health results

Changing the story about cancer

Hope is winning the battle

The ups and downs life of a cancer scientist

New genetic test study may trump need for breast cancer chemotherapy


July 2016


The silence was so loud I knew Clare had died

Leukemia pill could help ovarian cancer

Liposuction surgery offers hope for cancer survivors with lymphoedema

Cancer survivors suffer little-known ‘survivor guilt’

e-cigarettes non-toxic?

Experimental immunotherapy drug reduces rare tumour size ‘drastically’

Why elephants rarely get cancer, human implications


June 2016


Relay For Life news

Lose fat around the waist, reduce prostate cancer risk

Universal cancer vaccine ‘on track’

One in six Australians avoiding dairy foods

Polio therapy used to treat cancer

NSW has the lowest number of palliative care nurses